Video services & Creative Designs

Using emerging video media to create the content IP matrix. Accumulated rich experience in incubating and operating cultural IP with creative designs.

Nine Symbols

How can life be the same when we are tired of the presupposition of authority? Why can’t new things interpret the past if convention is doomed to be broken? Nine Symbols is a creative brand, focusing on the collision and fusion of long-standing text, art and the real world, and discovering new cognition in life. It aims to reconstruct the world’s inherent cognition of traditional culture, and analyzes the essence of traditional culture from a new perspective with the concept of “young, tolerant and rigorous”. The first work of the Nine Symbols: Shi Wu Yan Plant Illustration Coloring Handbook. It is a collection of love-related plants extracted from The Book of Songs by a number of post-90s designers. You can use WeChat to record your voices and send to your lovers.


The changing seasons mark the passing of time, seize every minute since the world is so beautiful.


Use modern methods to show the customs and humanities that have accumulated for thousands of years in The Book of Songs, express your inner emotions implicitly and freely.


The contents originated from The Book of Songs, illustrations in the handbook can be freely filled with different colors, and the customized QR code allows you to convey the love story by voice.

IP creations

Sufficient capabilities in online IP creation & operation

In the past five years, we have created dozens of media IPs and columns for consumer decision making in addition to e-commerce platforms (such as Taobao,, Weibo, etc.) We are incubating and operating a number of IPs owned or commissioned by Tik Tok, Kuai, Xiaohongshu, Vlog, etc. Some IPs already have millions of followers.

The self-operated IPs include:

Eccentric Dr. Einstein, Idiots brothers, Magic Store, etc.

IP position & creation

By analyzing the content segmentation track of the media platform, combining our IP output capabilities to set the direction of personalized IP and complete the IP incubation process. We are good at fast-paced content output, in order to adjust the content style during the operation we will formulate strict operating plans and reward mechanism. It usually takes 3-6 months to create an IP with millions of fans.

Data driving & commercialization

Nowadays content relies heavily on data driving. After determining the direction of an IP, we must formulate a comprehensive operation plan and consider the commercialization path of the IP from the beginning. Obviously, the platform is flooded with a lot of entertainment IPs which are weak on commercialization. Consequently, we only operate commercially sustainable IPs with precise direction.

IP outsourcing service

We provide IP outsourcing services for clients, these clients have long-term content integration marketing service agreements with us. The key point of jointly building IP is that both parties have reached a high degree of agreement on the direction, data, and budget of IP. We have experienced video actors, planners, directors, producers and data support staffs to ensure professional content output.

Design & tech

Powerful operation skills on creative designs & technologies

Since we have more than 6 years experience of creative design, market operation and technical development, the company is good at online/offline retail, channel distribution and brand marketing. In addition to Nine Symbols, we’ve launched Show Cell, Smush Cup, SYNC Panda and Magic Coffee with several physical stores.

Now we’re working on a new business mode of cultural creativity & new economy, cooperate with hundreds of brands, enhance online & offline strengthens, generate positive social influence, ultimately become a reference of this industry.

Philosophy of our design: practical aesthetics, beneficial and positive.