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About MiaoHui

After five years of operation, Miaohui is now positioned as a personalized shopping and creative information guide.
Currently we have millions of young users. Now we’re moving to a consumer community that exchanges shopping tips and shares good stuffs. Every day we will provide special offers and breaking news from mainstream e-commerce platforms; column authors will perform authoritative releases, online shopping trap tips, and exotic product evaluations.

Why love it?

Valuable real content92%
Trusted daily specials76%
Interesting recommendations81%
Authoritative releases

We’ve been involved in online shopping for 5 years, faced numerous commodities and brands every day, we know the pains of consumers. Our editors only provide authentic and credible information.

Avoiding traps

Some sellers may harm consumer’s rights, we advocate honesty with consumers, this column exposes the traps and unspoken rules of shopping, allows users to distinguish the truth or false.

Sharing amazing stuffs

In this ever-changing world, new things appear every moment. Our senior buyers always discover great products. Enthusiastic users will also recommend high quality and amazing stuffs everyday. Sharing is human’s natural instinct.

Special offers

Online discounts are difficult to identify, true or false. Our editors and passionate users will only present you with verified special offers. We will also get more discounts from merchants when more people like it.

Communities of Interest

We set up some communities of interest, encourage people to contribute great content. The participants can deeply discuss with different topics. Some verified brands will donate the community to award users.

Self-operated boutique

Only few products can be selected by us, we guarantee the price or discount is fair. These products must be creative, well-designed or having something special, must be with fair price and great after-sale service.

Our experience

Five years of operation allows us to accumulate rich experience in commodity selection and content outputs. Our genes prevent us from choosing various “hot” business models that are contrary to consumer ethics. Since the launch of MiaoHui app 5 years ago, we have been accumulating and exploring the value that can be brought to users. Although we have won numerous awards, we trust MiaoHui will not exist without user’s support and love.

The New version of MiaoHui app/mini program/web will gradually bring the best consumer decision content and truly credible product discount information to everyone, at the same time, we will unveil various traps of online shopping. The authoritative brand and product information require the active participation of all users. We believe that persisting in writing shopping notes can help more consumers!

User’s comments

The new version of the app adds many new sections such as Special Offers and Shopping Traps, which makes me want to come often. I hope it continue to operate and add more interesting features.- An user old MiaoHui version
In the past two years, MiaoHui didn't choose some industry player's business models such as distribution fission or deceiving customers, that's the reason why I strongly support this app.- A loyal user of MiaoHui
In recent years I've learned a lot of creative information and personalized products through the app, which has added a lot of fun to my life. Hopefully the team can let more people know this app.- A deep MiaoHui user
Such an interesting app keeps me from those traps when shopping online. At the same time, there are special offers and user's disclosure every day, which helps me to save money and gain insights.- A teenager user in high school

Interested in MiaoHui’s interest community and products?

Please download the latest version of “MiaoHui app” in AppStore or Android market, or visit us at www.miaohui.com, you can also find us on WeChat mini progam. More exciting coming soon!
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