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We help Chinese brands and Internet products to penetrate the emerging overseas markets, utilize abundant local resources to achieve highest growth rate.

SEA: Indonesia and Thailand

There are 11 countries in Southeast Asia with a population of 650 million by 2018. Excluding Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia with the highest GDP per capita, Indonesia and Thailand account for 69.2% of the rest 9 SEA economic entity.

The total economic volume of Indonesia and Thailand is approximately equal to the sum of Zhejiang, Sichuan and Henan province in China . The per capita GDP of Jakarta and Bangkok are relatively higher, close to Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

UK and EU markets

Thirty EU countries have 513 million people, and the economic development levels are uneven, countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, and the Nordic countries have higher GDP per capita.

As mobile & e-commerce penetration has made good progress, some Chinese brands are entering these countries. In this fragmented market, only 10 cities have a population of more than 2 million (including Moscow and St. Petersburg), however, its logistics and infrastructure are well developed.

Key country: Indonesia

As the only Southeast Asian country in the G20, Indonesia has a population of 267 million, making it the fourth most populous country in the world. The capital Jakarta has a population of about 32 million (including surrounding areas) and a per capita GDP of $18,500, which is comparable to that of Hangzhou, China. The densely populated region with well-developed business and strong consumption power, is the top priority of the Southeast Asian market.
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Localized team

Our strong local team is responsible for public relations, media cooperation, brand marketing, content management and channel sales.

Felix Luo

VP of SEA business

Responsible for Southeast Asia operations in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, as well as local team management and public relations.

Junji Misael

Project manager

In charge of content agency, live and short video business, talent management and localized transaction processing.

Dewi Sulaiman

MCN specialist

Responsible for recruiting celebrities, agency management, marketing project operations and logistical support for top influencers.

SEA market highlights

Considering the factors of population, economic development, cultural differences, business environment, Indonesia is the first choice for Chinese enterprises. Followed by Thailand, and the Philippines, then Vietnam and Laos. However, the per capita GDP of Myanmar, Cambodia, and Timor-Leste are below 2,000(USD). Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei have higher per capita GDP than China, but less population.-
We are good at bringing mature models such as domestic brands, mobile Internet, E-commerce, and retail to major countries in Southeast Asia. Combining local political and economic characteristics, using existing public relations networks and media resources to help Chinese companies resolve market entry, legal obstacles and qualification thresholds. In order to accurately reach hundreds of millions of people with extremely strong consumption power.-
Providing One-Stop service for quickly business launch in Southeast Asia, as well as cost-effective traffic and marketing resource packages. Offering comprehensive solutions for Chinese companies such as set up subsidiaries, cross-border payment settlement and local talent recruitment. At the same time, conduct in-depth exchanges with Chinese brands, Internet companies, and traditional industries that have been successful in the local area.-

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