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magicWE is a leading content driving consumer decision-making company, a national certificated high-tech enterprise with dozens of innovative awards. Now we have 6 subsidiaries in China and the rest of the world.The domestic business consists of three main sections:

Media Marketing

We’re one of the most important content marketing partners of, Alibaba group and other top e-commerce & media platforms. We’re the leading company who can provide integrated content marketing solutions to hundreds of consumer brands. 950+ in-house & contracted  KOLs/influencers value 120 million online shoppers everyday. Daily content channels, campaigns and it’s robust inner data technology are changing consumer’s shopping behavior, effectively enhance business sales and brand awareness.

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App & E-commerce

Our APP/website/mini program: MiaoHui, is the new e-commerce destination and buying influencer for the millenniums & Z-gens in China. With millions of young users, we strive to lead in communities of interest, content creation and product sharing.E-commerce services leverage our strengths in technology, operation, and content to help consumer brands and government agencies build and operate online shops, as well as the entire mobile prioritized e-commerce system.

E-commerce Services

Creative IP & Video

In the past two years, we’ve launched some creative brands such as “Nine Things”, “Show Cell”, “Sync Panda”, etc. We’re working on some designs that can improve consumer’s future life.Video business focuses on incubating or operating a series of IP. We output daily content of Instant Video & Live Video on Tiktok, Kuai, Bilibili, XiaoHongShu, Taobao, JD, etc. Moreover, we help Brands to build their images on media channels, obviously video IP is one of the key success factors in most Asian countries.

IP Creatives

MagicWe Media BU: Content integrated marketing agency

Provide content marketing services for consumer brands and e-commerce platforms, including creative planning, visual design, article editing, technical support, graphic/video/live broadcast execution and dissemination. 400+ content marketing projects of various categories on three major e-commerce platforms, content integration projects for hundreds of brands.
Creative planning

Creative planning

Story-based definition of a brand or product, combines visual optimization and creative writing/idea to reach the minds of target consumers, influence their purchasing decisions.

Content creation

Content creation

Expertise in original content, graphic, video and live, covering life improvement / home appliances / FMCG / fashion / beauty / food / digital / sports /outdoor areas.

Media promotion

Media promotion

Through the accurate IP & KOL resources on social media in specific area, accurately match and achieve the goal with balance of brand awareness & sales result.

Measurable effect

Measurable effect

Compared with the traditional online advertising model, content marketing influences consumer decision-making in a cost-effective manner and gets real-time quantified sales result.

How do brands use content to reach consumers and obtain new sales growth points?

Short and Long term

Price discount and traditional online advertising models are becoming useless, content marketing is a sustainable way, can achieve a win-win situation for brand awareness and sales growth.

Content everywhere

Optimize the visual expression of brands and products, resonate with consumers. Anything consumers can reach is where content appears. We use content methodology to obtain higher conversion and ROI.

Build DTC path

The demographic dividend is getting weaker. Unearthing KOL/KOC from existing customers, supplemented by training and building a community to become a brand partner is the preferred path to DTC.

The new version of MiaoHui APP: daily specials, shopping guides, sharing communities, product recommendations, enjoying the happy moment!

The brand new “MiaoHui” app is a consumer community that exchanges shopping experiences, discovering good things & expose unpleasant shopping experiences. Everything is worth sharing, special offers from mainstream platforms, contributing authors will publish authoritative releases, online shopping tips, and new exotic product reviews simultaneously.
Objective information

Years of experience of online shopping, expertise with thousands of product and brands, we know the PAINS of consumers and always provide authentic and credible information to users.

Avoiding fraud

Some sellers may harm the rights of consumers, MiaoHui will expose the traps and unspoken rules of online shopping, allows consumers to distinguish between the truth and false.

Good stuffs

In this ever-changing world, new things appear every day. Our buyers and editors always discover great products. Enthusiastic users will also recommend high quality stuffs.

Special offers

Discounts on web are always difficult to distinguish. The editors and passionate users will only present you with verified offers. Sometimes we ask the sellers to provide more discounts.

Hot discovering

The first page of Miaohui is filled by User-Generated-Content (UGC) which is a community of Interests. Users share their interest of life, work as well as good stuffs they face everyday.

Sold by MiaoHui

If some products were frequently mentioned by users and editors, MiaoHui will buy in and sell them in limited hours. We guarantee the quality and the favorable price.

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Working in MagicWe

A democratic and equal working opportunity with our corporate culture: Communication, Curiosity, Tenacity and Selflessness

We abide by business integrity and emphasize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We emphasize equal opportunities for promotion in our company, strictly follow the instructions of International Labour Organization: Employers’ guide on promoting equal opportunity and treatment and preventing discrimination at work. We diametrically oppose discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, disability, health status, family origin, and sexual orientation.

Team and Culture

Creative design & video IP

The aesthetics of life: Nine Symbols. It’s a representative culture & creative brand of MagicWe, integrating cultural aesthetics into life. The team consists of a group of young designers with creative and cultural heritage, experienced e-commerce operators, and marketing & supply chain experts. With the trend of “New Chinese Style” the brand has entered the cultural and creative market with unique craftsmanship. Our video business includes several self-own IP on Tik Tok, Kuai, etc., as well as operating specific IPs for our brand customers. Personalization & Stylization are two important factors of brand video on social media.

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Overseas Business

We have branches/partners in various locations outside of China. The business has two directions: The first one is providing integrated e-commerce and content marketing services to overseas brands. The other one is helping Chinese brands/Internet companies to do better in SEA and other emerging markets. Our services include branding and marketing, social media promotion, KOL docking, government public relations, etc. Currently we have hundreds of in-depth partners in major countries, signing or incubating 950+ influencers, covering mainstream traditional media and social media platforms.

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Service Philosophy

MagicWe advocates to build honesty, trust, healthy and stable cooperation in commercial ecosystem, abide by trade credit and insist on delivery quality.

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