Content marketing: sustainable effect between brand awareness and real-time sales result

MagicWe Media is an active content marketing organization in China and SEA, we value e-commerce platforms and consumer brands with our service on content customization, integrate marketing, strategy planning, visual optimization, IP/KOL promotion, e-commerce effect marketing and membership sales.
Redefine band with content

The market shift pushes consumer brands to re-position their images of consumers, add new memory points, upgrade visual communication and public cognition through miracle content.

  • Re-position of brand content
  • Storytelling & rich media present
  • Buying decision content metrics
  • Visual system unity of online/offline
  • IP image accords with brand gene and consumer cognition
Content distribution

100+ editors, video experts, live streamers with expertise in fashion, beauty, home appliances, electronics, foods, outdoors, etc. Daily produce hundreds of professional content on media platforms.

  • Sustainable content producing ability
  • Deep researches in main categories
  • Scenario-based & personalized content
  • Daily content outputs on e-commerce platforms and social media channels
KOL & IP metrics

Adapt the right KOL strategy, both on brand awareness and sales result, both on e-commerce platform and social media. Everyday our MCN influences 80 million consumers’ buying behaviors.

  • Exact match of brands and KOLs
  • Millions of followers of our own IPs
  • Contract with hundreds of external KOLs
  • Hundreds of online & ground campaigns for e-commerce platforms & consumer brands

Hundreds of cases in past 3 years

Successful stories of content integrated marketing on Tmall, Taobao, JD, Shuning, social media and offline channels.
Case study
About MagicWe Media

As the most important business line of MagicWe group, we value 300+ consumer brands with integrated content marketing services, graphic & video outputs, online/offline campaigns. We provide annual content services to multiple divisions/categories of e-commerce platforms or marketplaces, i.e., lifestyle, home appliance, kitchenware, gifts.

We contract with 950 media IPs and KOLs, our MCN deeply cooperate with Taobao, JD, Tmall, Shuning, Bytedance, Zhihu, XiaoHongShu and other media platforms. Our MCN has 80 million followers/fans with 13.67 million daily viewers (average). Our cutting edge “Content prioritized DTC SAAS” achieves high efficient content management and accurate delivery, omni-channel distribution and data monitoring.

During the period of 2018 “Double Eleven Festival”, we generated Rmb530 million sales for JD and Tmall with 620,000 order counts. From Jan to Dec, we accomplished Rmb1.3 billion sales for JD with 1.5 million order counts.

Service Philosophy

Highest delivery standard than industry level. Perfect balance between brand awareness and instant sales result. Integrity, mutual benefits and win-win “game”. Customer’s success is the only goal we’re pursuing.

Brand Awareness

An important role of content marketing is brand awareness. This is a step that must be done before the order effect can be obtained. Simply use this tool: measuring brand awareness by

Customer reviews

In the 618 campaign of this year, MagicWe helped us complete the entire content marketing program. Over 70 event pages generated 7.3 million in-site article views and 9.5 million video in-site views, and 200 million page views on Tik Tok, Kuai, Weibo and Bilibili. Within the first 4 hours after launch, we exceeded all the KPIs of the market campaign (festival) and received millions of orders.- FMCG division of the largest e-commerce marketplace
Through 9 months of cooperation, we realized the importance of team experience and industry expertise. MagicWe is good at both content production and order conversion, and have their own IP matrix in three e-commerce platforms and social media. It's very special out of their competitors: MagicWe is always help us to reduce the marketing cost! They're transparent, standing in the customer's perspective and take the initiative to correct small deviations from the market goals.- VP of a well-known home appliance brand
In fact, the biggest pain of our platform to the MCN is content marketing integration ability, it's not enough that some MCNs have advantages in some points. MagicWe has deep insight of e-commerce platform logic, excellent visual design, and attractive content creativity. In addition to their social media marketing power and ground campaign resources, the company can achieve or exceed our ROI threshold in every case.- Director of household product division of the largest e-commerce company

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