Work Ethic

It is a youth-led, self-driven, decentralized company with an average age of 26 with 60% percent of female employees. According to the corporate culture of “communication, tenacity, curiosity and selflessness”, we encourage people to combine their interests with career development. At the same time, we do not advocate work overtime, emphasize work-life balance or a diversified amateur life outside work. In addition to strictly abiding by the labor contract law of the People’s Republic of China, we are also strict follow the instructions of International Labour Organization: Employers’ guide on promoting equal opportunity and treatment and preventing discrimination at work. We diametrically oppose discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, disability, health status, family origin, and sexual orientation.

Self Governance

In addition to regular corporate structure,  we built a revolutionary organization chat that facilitates young people’s self-governance and participation in decision-making: Employee Self Governance Committee (ESGC). It was created entirely democratically, with a separate budget from the board, independent of the existed management structure. The goal is to enable young employees to take the lead in corporate public welfare, business innovations and social responsibilities, and to participate on behalf of all front-line employees in major corporate decisions, and to assess the qualifications of all management staff. The executive committee of ESGC has the right to participate in all important affairs of the company, interfere in the administrative system and hold shares in the company on behalf of the majority of employees.

I always want to have a new challenge involved. I need to put myself to the test, and if I make mistakes, it doesn’t matter. What matters to me, instead, is making my dreams come true and putting them on display.

——Yohji Yamamoto

The benefits working with us

Salary & Welfare

Competitive incoming package no less than the industry level, flexible incentive plan, benefits for important festivals and personal affairs (weddings, baby birth, family member funerals).

Employee Partnership

Employees who have worked for a certain period and met certain conditions can get the option incentive, benefit from entire success of the company. Our 2nd largest shareholder is Employee Partnership Plan.

Training & Promotion

We have various internal training opportunities. We invite external lecturers to share their soft skills and vocational skills, amazing workshops will be grouped in every month.

Health Protection

Provide annual physical examination and additional medical insurance for eligible employees, and strictly abide by national laws in protecting employees of pregnancy and breast-feeding period.

Beneficent Activities

Every year we will organize some beneficent activities, and employees will launch some charitable projects spontaneously. We don’t advocate any media exposure of these activities.

Employee Purchase Scheme

We provide internal purchasing benefits of our own products and contracted brands, whose prices are much lower than others. We have demo product for sale as well (only for our employees).

Part of our management team

More than 130 full-time employees, experts in media, e-commerce, technology and other fields. 6 main offices across China and Southeast Asia.

Travis Liu


20 years of experience in IT & Telecom. Former Asia GM of JAVRA, tech & sales management roles in EXFO, GN and Siemens.

Novem Cai

VP of Marketplace Business

Top content marketer, formerly from Weibo. Managed over 300+ top campaigns on JD, Tabao/Tmall & social media in past 5 years.

CM Zhang

Director of Content Delivery

Top eCommerce marketer, served 75 top brands and EC clients. Delivered 300+ result oriented marketing campaigns in last 4 years.

Luna Zhao

Director of Public Resources

10 years of experience in corporate operation, public relation & team management. MNC and European education background.

Sylvia Li

Director of Media Business

9 years of experience in content operation & project management. Formerly PM of a top mobile app company with 100M+ global users.

Hana Huang

Director of Creative Planning

11 years of experience in creative planning, managed over 100 successful cases from traditional advertising to the internet creative industry.

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