E-commerce services: complete and efficient marketing solutions

In terms of helping brands to build e-commerce channels and helping local governments to deploy e-commerce poverty alleviation, we have accumulated rich experiences in our profession, including brand planning, IT infrastructure development, online shop management and global marketing services.

Shop management

We’ve helped 30 brands to operate online shops on JD and Tmall across 5 categories in the past 5 years, from shop positioning, visual optimization, high-quality product description customization, to data analysis, consumer insight, after-sales service, warehouse and logistics, we’ve established the comprehensive e-commerce service systems.

Technical support

In addition to developing e-commerce mobile applications, ERP, mini-programs/web pages, we have also developed a series of tools for the industry, covering areas such as big data and SAAS serials. As a National Certified Hi-tech Enterprise awarded by the government, we have strong technical support capabilities in the e-commerce industry.  About us

Empower sales

Different from traditional e-commerce model, we have strong marketing and traffic hunting capabilities, combined with our deep cooperation with Tmall, JD.com as well as rich social media resources, we help brand clients to solve key issues such as cost control, marketing efficiency, etc. Content marketing

Why choose MagicWe as your e-commerce partner?

We are one of the few companies with comprehensive capabilities including e-commerce operations, brand planning, technology development, and content marketing, which means integrated marketing capabilities under the E-commerce, Technology, Media trinity.

From complex category services to specialized brand and merchandise services, Magicwe is good at combining commodities, brands and e-commerce operations. Not only regard the e-commerce platform as a sales channel, but also good at using the e-commerce platform’s billion-meter traffic pool as the front-line of branding & product promotion.

FMCG industry clients percentage62%
Tier 1 & 2 brand clients percentage93%
Young consumer oriented clients percentage87%
Online shops we served
Directly managed shops
Managed SKU amount
Trained e-commerce specialist

100% cost transparency

With the principle of Honest First, we charge for all aspects of e-commerce operation services transparently, sharing risks and benefits with our clients. Our expected revenue mostly comes from the sales growth we’ve added for our clients.

Specialized team for single client

We appoint dedicated full-time team to specific customer or project, such as shop managers, operation staffs, customer service specialists, etc. For visual design, copywriting, branding and technical support, calculations are based on workload.

Combining short and long term effects

Focus on analysis of category characteristics, competition, platform trends and store growth. In terms of different single product and store marketing strategies. Not only focus on short-term sales results, but also pay attention to the long-term development of shops.

In-site resources exploration

With the rapid changes of e-commerce platforms rules, we’re good at adjusting the operating methods in line with the brand’s own situation and category trends. Making full use of various advantageous resources on platform to achieve goals.

Social media and ground resources

As we’ve accumulated rich social media resources, ground promotion and event resources in major cities of China, we have mature brand operation and traffic hunting mechanisms in addition to conventional e-commerce operation ideas.

Data-based operation methods

Deep research of categories, brands and products and user insights, adapt data management for daily operations. Experienced experts and data analysis tools will ensure the effectiveness of daily operations and marketing activities.

The Broad Regional Characteristic E-commerce

The e-commerce with regional characteristic products will bring more vitality to the Chinese consumer market.
Build the Brand of Regional Characteristic E-commerce

In addition to serving e-commerce platforms and top consumer brands, we have a professional team responsible for assisting local governments in building regional e-commerce brands. From product selection, industry analysis, strategy planning to training system building, we sort out the overall e-commerce strategy for maximizing returns for local people and government departments, and then help to build a complete e-commerce architecture.
Our professional service combine social and economic benefits, regardless of whether it is self-operated or third-party platform sales-oriented, retail first or distribution first.
Meanwhile, we provide certain non-profit or low-cost services to characteristic regions including national-level poverty counties, such as rural e-commerce training, local special product market research, and employment guidance for the people with disabilities.

E-commerce service in rural regions

Through on-site researches and in-depth investigations, we can understand production characteristics and difficulties of local farmers, at the same time analyze category advantages across the country, and refine marketing logic and the unique selling points. Establishing a complete implementation plan in terms of brand identity, product packaging, and sales strategy.
Magicwe in cooperation with mainstream platforms such as Alibaba and JD.com to land a series of assistance and resource matching events, combined with the latest content marketing methods to make regional special products quickly known to national consumers.

Regional brand and channel warm-up

By converging local fresh food categories, agricultural and sideline products, regionally marked products, etc., docking with high-quality supply chains, sales channels, and e-commerce platform resources, connecting online and offline channels, distribution and retail channels, and vertical e-commerce channels. Eliminating the risks of seasonal product characteristics through market and supply chain resilience, or establishing a solid path to reach consumers directly. Sustainable developing of regional quality brands, use the advantages of Internet ways to increase market share, scientifically manage production capacity, and achieve the goal of revenue growth.

Feedback from partners

We are the leading domestic poultry and egg company, we don't have much experiences in e-commerce business. MagicWe provided us with very effective support in technology, operation and promotion. In addition, the company has extraordinary insights into young consumer group. It also gives us sharp but practical suggestions on brand vision and product packaging optimization.- VP of a leading fresh food brand
MagicWe's e-commerce experts visited several towns in our county many times, conducted in-depth research and gave professional and practical proposals. MagicWe has provided us with relevant suggestions in terms of e-commerce training, sales channel construction and technical support. In addition, MagicWe also helped us to connect with many advantageous resources in tourism promotions.- Economic Development Bureau of a city in northwest China
Whether it's e-commerce back-end software or front-end applications, MagicWe' s technical team successfully delivered in the prescribed time. The platform has been online for more than a year, helping us to build new sales channels in fresh products and condiments. In daily operations and promotion, MagicWe team spares no effort to provide detailed guidance as well.- a state-owned chain vegetable market
Service philosophy

Whether the partner is government-related organization, or consumer brand or corporate organization, we adhere to the principle of integrity and reciprocity, pursue a balance between corporate social responsibility and economic benefits, empower the business owners, give consumers proper guidance when make buying decisions. We’re using e-commerce technology and business models as a means of assistance, ultimately achieving a win-win ecology for partners, merchants and consumers.

Nonprofit training

Every year our management team and young experts will perform a certain length of public welfare training and consulting services to communities, participate in technology poverty alleviation, public welfare education, and free online technical guidance. However, according to our internal instructions, the public welfare-related training and consulting we provide must be effective and can tracked for a long time, it cannot be public reported in the media. This is our welfare strategy of Just Do Without Vanity.

Cooperation Standard

Although we have accumulated rich experience in the entire e-commerce ecosystem, however, we only provide e-commerce services in specific categories, such as FMCG, food, fresh, home, sports, digital, etc. The ideal partner should have a complete product quality control system, have a cognitive basis for the value of brand, and must not deliberately conceal defects or deceive consumers. We only serve the clients who have correct social value, sustainable producing ability and patience.

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