A content driving consumer decision-making company

Crossing the boundary of tech, media & online retail, MagicWe was founded in 2014 to tap into the evolving consumption pattern of young consumers. Its goal is to ultimately establish itself as a trusted e-commerce partner for cutting-edge brands, helping clients to win in the emerging market.

The Story

It was a winter evening of 2005, a formal-dressed young Chinese man rushed into a French-style boutique in Quebec city. He took out the earrings he bought the day before and politely asked the shopkeeper for a replacement: the two pendants were with rough handwork and different sizes. However the shopkeeper haughtily refused: “This boutique has 150 years history, my product is the best without any problem. I don’t want to deal with the Chinese anymore!” The young man was silent for a while, stepped to the front door, suddenly he slammed the earrings to the ground! It was an episode of our founder’s life. When tired with the routine life & decent job in Europe & North America, he settled down in his hometown and founded MagicWe. The intention was: help consumers to make right buying decisions, not to be deceived by false advertising or merchant’s tricks.


From a tech company to a digital marketing group with e-commerce, media business, design & video IPs, annual grouth >100%.
  • 2014-15: Mobile development
  • 2015-16: Content marketing
  • 2017-18: Branding service
  • 2019-now: Integrated content services


Make shopping simple and efficient, make life exciting and interesting.


Become the user trust, the brand preferred consumption decision company.


Surprise our customers and create opportunities for employees. Integrity, courage, responsibility, simplify everything and insight into the future.

Our Culture

Communications   Tenacity   Curiosity   Selflessness

Communications: Your job requires clear verbal and written skills. Listening/persuading skills are keys of human relations. Sincerity, democracy and tolerance to dissent are encouraged in the office.
Tenacity: Be fearless and embrace changes. Stick to the long-term goal which is set by all fellows. Know how to balance “what we want to do” and “things we’re required to do at the present stage”.
Curiosity: Keep curious about new things and get to the bottom of a problem. Gain deep insight into our clients, suppliers and partners. Think strategically, prioritize tasks and concern about details.
Selflessness: Think outside yourself or inner circle, share your expertise unselfishly and take the time to help others. We don’t encourage internal competition. Actively assume our social responsibilities.

Career guidelines: democracy, inclusiveness, diligence, self-discipline, ambition and risk taking

Fans & Users

In recent years, I've learned about a lot of creative product through MiaoHui app, which has added a lot of fun to my life. I hope the developers to improve the App experience, increase promotion/discount info and let more people know this app.- An old user
I learned about your content and product recommendation by following your account on Taobao app. Your daily content saved my time of shopping, I have deeper knowledge of some brands which I was not familiar with before.- One of our fans on Taobao
At 5:30pm every day, I would wait for the update of the video of 'Einstein' on Tik Tok. Different from those celebrities in the field of entertainment, he has brought us many life tips and is very humorous.- A fan of 'Einstein' on Tik Tok

Contact us

Head office: 7F, Bld E8-2, Tianfu Sofware Park, No.1366 Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu, China
Hangzhou: Rm 301, Bld 13-1, Hengsheng Science Park, No.1218 Wenyi West Road
Hong Kong: Rm703, Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Jakarta: Rm2018  Tower A, Bellagio Residence, East Kuningan, South Jakarta
Bangkok: Supalai Premier Place Asok Condo, 60 Asok Montri Rd, Bangkok


9:30-18:30 (GMT+8, Mon-Fri)   Email: info@magicwe.com